31 “spring cleaning” steps you can take towards your health each day in the month of June:
  1. Water. Drink 2.2L or 8-8oz glasses of water each day, add fresh fruit for infusion.
  2. Cleanse. Cleanse away toxins and impurities the natural way. Using a synergistic blend of natural cleansing herbs and botanicals nourishes your body’s systems to help boost metabolism and energy levels. Checkout a gentle herbal-based 9-Day or 30-Day Cleanse System
  3. Stop the sugar blues. Refrain from drinking your calories in the form of sugary drinks.
  4. See the doc. Are you overdue for your annual doctor’s check-up? Book that appointment now!
  5. Know your body composition (BMI). The best tool is the bioelectric impedance analysis at your local gym.
  6. Check your blood pressure. Your local pharmacy has a blood pressure reading centre. Check with your doc if your reading is higher than 120/80.
  7. Start a food journal for the month of June. See where your diet is adequate and see where there’s room for improvement, and how you might find help or guidance.
  8. Count your steps. Buy an inexpensive pedometer and test your daily steps. It is recommended to get at least 10,000 steps/day. Your results may shock you and make you evaluate your activity level.
  9. Don’t skip breakfast. Eat a high lean protein, fibre rich & complex carbohydrate breakfast. This will give you the fuel, energy and nutrients you need for the day and reduce your chances of overeating and snacking throughout your day. Checkout a perfectly balanced breakfast shake- IsaLean Shakes.
  10. Add some coconut oil. Heart health and other health benefits reported are endless.
  11. Floss. And book your next dental cleaning if you haven’t already.
  12. Go for a hike. Follow a local hiking trail for a fun and free fitness activity.
  13. Get some sunshine and vitamin D. 10 minutes of sunshine a few times a week on exposed skin is all you need for adequate vitamin D recommendations.
  14. Stop at a local farmer’s market. This is the time when the markets begin to open and offer selections of the freshest spring produce.
  15. Hit the gym or yoga studio. Buff summer bodies begin in the spring!
  16. Stretch for 5 minutes or whenever waiting. Daily sitting puts heavy strain on our muscles and ligaments. Stretching each major muscle group for 20-30 seconds a day will help with mobility, flexibilty and reduce stress and strain on your body.
  17. Get your omegas. Fish oil supplements, wild salmon, albacore tuna, walnuts, and flaxseed are all good sources. Checkout- Ageless Essentials Daily Pack
  18. Have a picnic in the park. Get outside, relax, take in the fresh air, sunshine, fresh blooms and greenery. Pack some healthy snacks and make an afternoon of it.
  19. Plant your seeds. Gardening is an effective way to relieve stress and burn calories, but it can also help you eat healthy and save money, too.
  20. Clean out your closets. It’s that time again. Clearing out the clutter will relieve mental tension, give you a sense of organization and lightness.
  21. Get pampered. Book a massage, a facial, a pedicure, or anything that makes you feel refreshed and renewed.
  22. Check in with your resolutions. Review those New Year’s Resolutions you made and see where you’re at, what you’d like to add or remove from your list. Write down any additional health or life goals for the rest of your year.
  23. Connect. Call an inspiring, feel-good friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while. Reconnect with someone you admire and that encourages you, even via phone or in an email. Having a strong social network improves immune function, protects heart health, and wards off depression and anxiety.
  24. Escape and read a book. For escape, for guidance, for comic relief or for company in grief, whatever you enjoy. Read while waiting for an appointment, eating lunch or breakfast, commuting, lounging, before bed or while having a bath.
  25. Breathe. Stress is a killer. Breathe and everything changes. Sit for a moment each day and take some deep breaths. Check out YouTube for a variety of amazing breathing exercises.
  26. Wear something flattering or go shopping for something. Go through your newly cleaned out closet. Choose clothing that fits your current body and leaves you feeling good for the new season. Purge anything that you haven’t worn in 2 years, doesn’t fit well or is not flattering.
  27. Find an accountability partner. Search out someone that you can trust to hold you accountable and that wants to help you achieve your goals. There is power in numbers. Use it to your advantage.
  28. Go to bed earlier. Sleep impacts so many things – including hunger and stress levels. Make sure you get enough rest.
  29. Stand up. Sit less, stand more. It uses more muscles, relieves pressure on sitting muscles and joints.
  30. Take more trips. Take the stairs, take one bag at a time to the garbage, park farther away, stand up and pace when talking on the phone. This will add some steps to your pedometer.
  31. Be of service. Find a worthy cause to volunteer your time to or someone who you can lend a helping hand. It’ll positively impact others, and make you feel good in return. Always give back when you can.